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The 2 videos on the top left were shot in 1990 at Chris' 50th Birthday party. The only time the complete SPYKE line-up played together since May1972, an 18 year gap and it still sounds pretty good.

The SCRATCHERS Videos (5) were shot at the Royal Standard Pub in Hastings Old Town. The Group were made up of individual musicians from several local groups i.e. JINKS, (Peter (Ginger) Millington and Ian Williams) GRUNDY (Kirk Ronchetti) and CENTRE PAGE (Paul Burton and Dermot Murphy). Other musicians joined in whenever possible, namely Chris Sayer and Henry Harvey who in a previous existance were members of The TALISMEN, SPYKE, The WEATHERMEN, SWIFT HALF and others.

Apologies for the video/sound quality, video and audio technology has come on quite a bit since these were shot.

I'll Be Your Baby Tonight

Lo Di

Sea of Heartbreak

Any Way You Want

Put on Your Red Dress Baby

Roll Over Beethoven

Kansas City

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