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As time passes, good friends and colleagues go different ways for family, professional and personal reasons. It's tragic when these friends move on to the "stage" in the sky (we all have our own opinions as to what that is). Let's hope they're all keeping an eye on the local music scene and that we'll someday, get together on the heavenly stage for many more gigs.

Dave was one of the original members of the Confederates with Peter Millington. Those early days were a real adventure. Dave was quite a handyman as he started with a Boys Brigade snare drum and an upturned green watering can and proceeded to make his own kit drum by drum. All was OK until' drum solos when most bits fell apart. His drum solos were someting to behold, The "self dismantling kit" became part of the stage act as the rest of the group stood in the wings waiting to rush forward to catch what fell off and rolled across the stage. Dave died in March 1995 at the age of 49 - tragic and unfair!

In February 2007 Kingsley Trowell died leaving a large hole in Looking Back. To their credit they bounced back. It's certain that Rod, (Kingsley's brother), pictures him on the left of the stage "banging" out his favourite numbers.

Nigel Davies, leader of Grundy, died on 17th September 2003 and that loss hit every musician and "fan" in the town. Nigel was also in a band called The Alamo and was a founder member of The Scratchers with Chris Sayer. His contribution and personality is still with us. He was a brilliant musician, clever "front-man" and singer with a professionalism that is yet to be replaced on the local music scene.

Keith Harrison-Burgess passed away on 25th September 2010 following a massive stroke. He was 67 and spent a good deal of time supporting the Scout movement in and around Toronto.

Budge played piano for the Confederates in 1966-7. He also played a variety of instruments as well as driving the van for the Talismen. Budge married and moved to Canada following in John Conroy's footsteps. A great "fun loving" mate who had an affinity for the ladies no doubt developed whilst undertaking his hairdressing activities. He'll be missed!

Dave Easton passed away on 20th September 2015 aged 75. He was a long standing and respected front man of one of the best harmony groups in the south east. He formed THE SUSPECT in early 1959 which evolved into SUSPECT and then into CENTRE PAGE. Ill health forced a retirement in 2009 after 50 years treading the boards with a range of top musicians. His dedication to music and live harmony performance made him a popular feature of clubs, pubs and theatres. He'll remain a hard act to follow for many years to come. RIP Dave, you'll be missed by many musicians and fans.

Spyke Millington, former manager of the Confederates, died on 24th February 2007 following a long decline in health. At least at 88 he did have a good innings and left a permanent legacy that will be remembered by all who knew him.

Paul Burton passed away on 14th January 2015 after a short illness. Paul was a well respected guitarist and singer who had been working the local music scene from 1960 right up to a matter of weeks before his death. Paul started playing with The Tuxedos in 1960 then Tony and the Defiants and then to The Confederates until’ their break-up in 1967. Paul then formed a new country trio SPYKE with Chris Sayer and Peter Millington in 1967
He retired from music in 1968 to concentrate on improving his golf swing and his day job of an estate agent. The yearning for creating live music returned and he joined The Weathermen and then Swift Half with Chris Sayer before moving on to Centre Page, formerly Suspect one of the most enduring harmony groups in the south. He left Centre Page in 2014 and joined Lumpy and the Lumpettes, who presented him with the new challenge of playing in an acoustic group. This he enjoyed but was sadly cut short by ill health.

He will be greatly missed by everyone he came into contact with on the Hastings music scene. RIP Paul Burton

New years eve 2008 brought the sadnews of Dave Johnson's passing. He was a well respected drummer with a foot like a metronome. A character with a sense of humour that could set back any of us if he decided it was your turn! Dave played in several groups during the 60's and 70's, the most rememberable being - The DJ4, Johnny and the Chevs, The Confederates, and the Unabridged Telephone Directory.

Chris Sayer, founder member of The Talismen, SPYKE, the Weathermen and Swift Half plus others, passed away on 19th April 2010 in Cork, Ireland. He was 69. He leaves a legacy of music, achievements and friendships that will live on for many years to come.

He'll be particularly missed by those of us that played music alongside him over the years. He'll also be remembered for the successful Hastings Songwriters Competition held at the White Rock Theatre for several years. He also co-organised with Lloyd Johnson, the 3 Big Beat Nights (see Big Beat '87 page) on the pier in 1987, 1988 and 1989. His contribution to local music will never be forgotten.

Henry Harvey died on 10th November 2011. Henry was a character with a cutting wit and devastating sense of humour. He has now joined others "who have left the building".

Henry was a steady R&B bass player/singer with The Talismen alongside Chris Sayer, Budge Harrison and Pete Jones in the early 1960s. More recently he made regular and much appreciated appearances with local groups playing at The Royal Standard Pub including The Scratchers, one of his favourite backing groups. We will all miss him very much. Thanks Henry

Dermot Murphy passed away on 27th September 2020. He was an active bass player from the early 1960s right up to his death. He played with Johnny Smith and the Chevs, Penny Black, Suspect, Centre Page, Grundy, The Scratchers and several others.  He'll be sorely missed. RIP Derm

Kevin Hoad passed away on 23rd December 2020. He was one of the best drummers around and was able to sit in with any band playing any style of music. In JINKS he used a Simmons electric kit to great effect. Without his contribution they wouldn't have developed their repertoire to include disco classics. RIP Kevin

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