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"Guitar Legend"

What a guitarist! Albert Lee has played with the best and is probably ranked among the top guitarists in the world. Not only a great guitarist but a teriffic pianist and singer as well.

All that talent and he's a nice bloke with it!

His backing group (Hogans Heros) are something else - so tight and polished.

Thanks Albert for the picture - I'll treasure the moment and the concert.

Meeting a Vocal Legend
"King of Harmony"

Peter was lucky enough to meet up with Tony Rivers in Spain recently. The name may ring a bell but his legacy is stunning. It's easier to remember who he didn't sing with than the stars he did work alongside. Here's a modest list of just some of the artists he's recorded/performed with: Cliff Richard, Shakin' Stevens, Beach Boys, George Michael, Elton John, the list goes on and on and on..... Check out his Web site on the LINKS page for a full low-down. "He is one of the most friendly, down to earth musicians I have ever met. He's writing a book about his experiences so watch out for it - I've read it and it's a riveting read! Soon to be heading for a second edition in paperback in Summer of 2018.

Tony Rivers and Peter sharing a mic at the Quo Vadis Bar in Javea, Spain - Thanks Tony!

Tony Rivers and Peter at the Bar Quo Vadis, Javea, Spain

Peter meets

Brian (Licorice) Locking

Being a Shadows fan from the early days of forming the Confederates in 1961, Peter jumped at the chance of meeting and chatting to Brian at the Lakeside Country Club's Celebration of the Shadows weekend in 2015. A nicer person you couldn't meet. He joined the Shadows in 1962 after Jet Harris left. He himself then left in 1963 and was replaced by John Rostill.


Tony Rivers, Cliff and John Perry - "No one Waits" This ranks as one of the best live harmony performances ever

Confederates meet again after 50 Years

Peter (Ginger) Millington, Johnny Conry, Tony Goodman, Trevor Spears and Terry Chedzoy meet up again after 50 years to celebrate their long lasting friendship and to remember the members who have passed away - Dave Saunders, Dave Johnson, Budge Harrison and Paul Burton.

Confederates in 2017 - Peter Millington, Johnny Conroy, Tony Goodman,

Trevor Spears and Terry Chedzoy who replaced Dave Johnson in mid 1965

Confederates in 1965 - Peter Millington, Johnny Conroy, Tony Goodman, Trevor Spears and Dave Johnson who passed away on New Years Eve 2008.

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