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Too Much Monkey Business - Unknown Artist
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Confederates 1964 - 1965

Life wouldn't have been so exciting without Spyke in his new non-military management role. His dedication and skills were tested to the limit in order to get the lads to gigs on time as well as ensuring rehersal nights were adhered to no matter what.
These disciplines have stayed with each member of the group to this day. There's no running away from a Regimental Sergeant Major, particularly when he has the transport.


To "spruce up" the sound of the group, new equipment was required so off they went to the Vox factory in Dartford and the equipment showroom in Bexleyheath.

They came back with:-

a new Premier Drum Kit for Dave

a Vox AC30 Supertwin and a Gibson Guitar for Trevor

a Vox AC15 Twin and a Hofner Verithin Guitar for Tony,

a Vox T60 Bass amp and a Blue Fender Precision Bass Guitar for Peter

Shortly after the shopping trip, the lads won the Evening News Southern Beat Championship (picture right). This was quite an achievement as the standard of the competing groups was very high. The Confederates hired 2 coaches and filled them with fans to increase their support on the night - it seemed to work!

Chris Huggett, who was mentioned earlier, is in the picture on the right with a girl in a white dress on his shoulder. Perks of being a "roadie". He also put a bet on for the Confederates to win the competition and walked away with £25.00. Not a bad night's work as that was about 2 weeks wages in 1964.

The "Operation Hungerstop" advert on the right is courtesy of Trevor Duplock, (a former member of "Shelly" and several other successful Brighton based bands) it shows the Confederates playing at The Starlight Rooms in Brighton on 26th November 1964. 3/6 (or 17 and a half pence for those born after 1971), for 4 great bands - Those were the days!

Members of the Confederates recall the occasion well as it was SPYKE's birthday (the manager and driver of the van) and true to form, he celebrated a little too much for a safe drive back to Hastings. Coffee and a Chinese Curry in Brighton sorted him out though.

The after-gig Chinese meals became a regular ritual after almost every booking. There weren't many Chinese Restaurants around the south east in the 1960s but The Confederates probably sampled them all.

The next loss for the Confederates was Tony Goodman who decided that settling down with a wife and a good job had to come first. He left the group, moved to Leicester and married his long term sweetheart, aaahhhhhh.

Paul Burton, formerly of The Tuxedos and Tony and the Defiants, an Eastbourne Group, replaced Tony in February 1965.

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