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Jinks 1976 - 2001

Trevor Spears replaced Ian Williams on lead guitar following his excursion to Germany as a professional musician and then the North Sea Gas Conversion Team, (no, not a band!).

The music and style of JINKS certainly changed with the times, more so for Terry and Peter who progressively moved into entirely different roles.

Around 1985, the 4 decided that a new drummer was necessary to "free-up" Terry's vocal talent and move him to the front of the stage.

Terry coped with this trauma and adapted to the new role with style.

Kevin Hoad, perhaps one of the most intelligent drummers on the scene, brought with him excellent timing and an enthusiasm for technology to improve his sound.

By this time Peter had developed his knowledge of MIDI and introduced it to the group so adding more sound processors was a minor challenge - so he thought!

For Kevin, he wired up all the kit and added the "Simmons" drum kit and Alesis D4 drum processor.

The variations of sound made possible by this change improved the sound, created real stereo within an almost perfect sound balance. The sound was unique for many miles around.

As with all good things, change happens and Kevin decided to move on leaving a hole that could only be filled by a drummer with the right skills and electronic equipment - impossible to find!

As Peter was regarded as the "mister fix it" of the band with screwdriver and soldering iron at the ready, he gravitated into sequencing, drum programming, MIDI management and keyboards.

The sound the four now made took 25 years to develop and refine. The less said about the cost to Peter the better!

When Terry fell ill in 2001 he decided to take a necessary break. This led to the remainder looking for opportunities elsewhere. The goodbyes' were said on New Year's Eve 2001/2002.

Peter joined EVOLUTION (formerly Hill Street), Trevor joined Tony Bird in a duo called T2 and Rod rejoined his brother Kingsley Trowell in LOOKING BACK

JINKS' version of a great number by Foreigner

Waiting For A Girl Like You - Jinks Live
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