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Spyke - 1973 - 1976

Having left Suspect Peter was asked by Ian Williams and Terry Chedzoy to join them in reforming SPYKE with a female singer, (Twiggie).


After a few practice sessions, SPYKE was re-born. in April 1973.

In June Twiggie decided to depart leaving the 3 back to where they were the previous Summer.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​SPYKE continued playing but as the music changed the instrumental side of the band clearly needed additional flexibility, particularly with the demands of "disco" music which was becoming a requirement for a band designed for dancing.

The search was on for the right personality to complement the line up.

In 1974 Rod Trowel (Bass Guitar, formerly of King Rod and Co. was invited to join and Peter moved over to play rhythm guitar, a very expensive move as this ultimately led Peter to "do his best" to master keyboards, MIDI and sequencing.

As a signal to change the style of the band, they changed their name to JINKS.

In 1976 Ian decided to take a break from the "high life" and concentrate on his banking career. The search was on for a replacement Lead Guitarist.

Recorded "live" at the Lintonian Club in 1974

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