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Jinks Live - Unknown Artist
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Jinks 2 - 2003 -

Following his recovery, Terry was enthusiastic to return to singing so he and Peter decided to re-form JINKS with Ian Williams, (former member of Spyke) and in February 2003 JINKS went back on the road and regenerated their musical formula.

Given that 28 years had elapsed since their last 1970's performance, the music may have changed but their performances were better than ever.

Although the name of SPYKE was very well known in the 1970's, they decided to retain the name of JINKS to avoid confusion amongst their followers which was a good decision.

The technical abilities and the experience within the trio is clear for all to hear. The dance floor is never empty and the diary almost full which are the main "acid tests" for any group.

Peter is the only original member of The Confederates who has continued without a break and shows no sign of giving up the music scene. Growing old gracefully is clearly not on his agenda nor for Terry and Ian.

Ian is a natural showman and couldn't exist unless he was trying to get an even better sound out of his gear. However, progress moves on and he now communicates his talent through a Gretch re-issue 1959 Chet Atkins, a Fender Cyber Twin and a Boss GT8. What ever happened to "Plug and Play?

Terry, well he plays up if there are two gigs in one week, catches every cold that comes close but continues to give the performance of his life.

Peter and Terry have more or less, been in the same group since 1966 with Peter being the only survivor of the original Confederates to have "Carried on Regardless".

2010 Dec 31st - Little Common British Legion

2015 January 11th - Azure Function - Muffin Club

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